Photo opportunities around Pretoria

Zebra at Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve

When I started getting interested in photography, I really didn’t know where to go for my photo opportunities. I am sure there are others that feel the same at times. I did a search on Google to find out where there are such opportunities, and to my amazement, not many others had written about such opportunities, yet, many online had asked the question: “Where are there good places to visit around Pretoria, where I could take pictures?”

So, I decided to put together a list of places I had been to myself. My favourites are marked by a golden star.

  1. Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve goldstar_thumb.gif
  2. Tukkies
  3. Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary goldstar_thumb.gif
  4. Union Buildings (architecture, plants, etc)
  5. Rietvlei Nature Reserve goldstar_thumb.gif
  6. Jan Cilliers Park (plants and streams)

If you know of good places to go for photo opportunities around Pretoria, please drop me a note!

2 thoughts on “Photo opportunities around Pretoria

  1. William
    Go to Heia Safari – about 25 min from Pretoria – Go for a weekend – they even have hot air baloons launching from the side of Lake Heritage – go check out the Heia Safari Facebook Page and see what all you can photograph there. Giraffe,herons and lots of other animals. They even have night adventure cycling. That may offer you the opportunity to take some action images and great fun for the family to watch. Enjoy!

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