Rietvlei Nature Reserve – 2 November 2013

DSC08424DSC08435DSC08444Horse's eyeDSC08473De-horned rhino
Shrek's earsPatternsDSC08513

This past weekend I once again visited the Rietvlei Nature Reserve, just a few kilometres south from where I live. Although entrance is not free here, it is only R40 (about $4) for an adult, R20 ($2) for children 6-16 years, and R5 ($0.50) for children younger than that. GPS coordinates are 25°52’59.26″S – 28°15’49.95″E.

There are about 60Km of trail to ride on. Unfortunately, you have to remain in your car, and may only get out at designated areas. However, there are day or weekend hikes with the accompaniment of a game ranger. This is going to be my next endeavour at Rietvlei. This time the whole family must go together.

10 Topics, 20 Photographs, 24 Hours

Last Friday and Saturday, 4-5 October 2013, our photo club had its 3rd Annual Photo Rally. What it comes down to is that at the start you are given 10 topics to photograph, and in the next 24 hours you have to hand in 2 photographs on each topic. No photographs may be altered after it has been taken, whether in or out of camera. Photographs must rely completely on settings before the photo is taken. Further, no photos were to be taken after 16:00 (4PM) on 5 October.

It may seem easy to take 20 photos in 24 hours, but when you have to fit all this into normal life, it becomes a little tricky. These photos will be judged at our next monthly meeting.

I won’t bore you with the descriptions of each topic, so here are the pics according to topic:

Into the sun
Creative Self-Portrait
Childhood memory
Faceless Portrait
More than one (Patterns)

Apart from the above, there were a few my wife and I liked. Together we liked:


Then, my wife liked:


And finally, I liked:


All-in-all, it was a fun 24 hours, and would do it again!