Attended the Photo and Film Expo

NOTE: I discovered with some dismay that the twitter pics that are supposed to display with the tweets I did during the day at the various workshops, are not being displayed. Something is wrong with the embedded code that Twitter provides, and so there are no pics connected to those tweets in this blog post. If you would like to see the presenters, then click on the date links with each of the embedded tweets below.


I attended the Photo and Film Expo at the Coca-Cola Dome today. It is promoted as the largest photographic event in Africa! Well, it didn’t disappoint.

I arrived there at around 09:15 this morning and I only left at 17:05 this afternoon. That is 5:05PM! There are many stalls from all kinds of photographic style companies, such as Nikon, Canon (represented by Digital Experience) and Sony (I am a Sony man myself).

One of the things that I discovered today (which is important to me), is that there is someone who rents out Sony equipment. We all know of places to rent Nikon and Canon equipment, yet I didn’t know of any place to rent Sony equipment. I found such a man in Robbie Aspeling. You can find his Sony Rentals at his site (RA Photography). Once there, just click on the Sony Rentals link in the site menu.

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