This month, at our photo club, the theme for our set subject was Simplicity. As most of you know, it is easier just to take picture of wildlife than to have to think through a theme.

I first tried a bunch of shots with just a feather with a black background. But, somehow I could never get the shot I wanted. The idea was to take a photo of a white feather falling in front of a black background. I eventually gave up on this. I was just not satisfied with the results.

Next, I took pictures of a lone high heel shoe, polystyrene ball, sandal, ball mask, bracelet, etc.


For the Set Subject, I finally settled on the following:

Clean Glass of Water
Glass of Water. Set Subject (Simplicity) 2 Star silver award.

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Boardwalk Bird Sanctuary – 9 November 2013

A duck mother and her broodAngry father keeping an eye out for dangerMasked Weaver building a nestRed Bishop branching outRed Bishop hiding in red branchesRed Bishop in the reeds
The many bird hides at Boardwalk

I visited the Boardwalk Bird Sanctuary today.

Masked Weaver building a nest SM

This bird sanctuary can be found in the suburb of Valley Farm Agricultural Holdings, Pretoria, on the corner of Solomon Mahlangu Dr (Hans Strijdom Dr) and Haymeadow Crescent.

On the city’s website for this sanctuary, it says that there are at least 2 hides, since they use the plural instead of the singular “hide.” However, there is only one hide and it is out of commission currently while they are upgrading the wooden walkways to the hide.

When you get to the hide there are reeds on the left and right, and water in front of it. While I stood there, I saw no birds on the water, and the small birds, such as the Red Bishops and Yellow Masked Weavers, were too far to really enjoy.

BoardwalkBirdSanctuaryIn the image of the bird sanctuary above you will see the one single hide marked with the red circle. The green line on the right marks an area that carries a lot of water just under the walking surface of the grass, and every now and again your foot will sink in completely. So, you cannot walk too close to where the reeds are, and the birds.

On the left is a yellow line where you can walk comfortably and dry next to the water line and the reeds. You will find many birds here, but mostly the Red Bishops and Yellow Masked Weavers.

When it comes to water birds, I only saw two ducks and their brood of four. That is it!

Although there is no cost to access this sanctuary, it certainly will not make it into my current top three places to visit for photo opportunities.

GPS: 25°47’47.30″S

Bishop Bird Nature Area – 5 November 2013


I visited the Bishop Bird Nature Area on Tuesday morning (5 Nov 2013). I am always looking out for new places with good photo opportunities.

However, I was somewhat disappointed about this spot. The bush and trees are very thick and the chances of seeing a bird clearly are quite slim.

There are several little single path excursions from the main trail, which should rather be avoided as they just end up in dead-ends or the bush becomes too thick to go any further.

There are four blesbucks. I tried to get close to them, but they kept on running this way and that way.

So, if you are looking for animal life, this is perhaps not the place to visit.

GPS: 25°52’38.48″S – 28° 8’33.72″E

Rietvlei Nature Reserve – 2 November 2013

DSC08424DSC08435DSC08444Horse's eyeDSC08473De-horned rhino
Shrek's earsPatternsDSC08513

This past weekend I once again visited the Rietvlei Nature Reserve, just a few kilometres south from where I live. Although entrance is not free here, it is only R40 (about $4) for an adult, R20 ($2) for children 6-16 years, and R5 ($0.50) for children younger than that. GPS coordinates are 25°52’59.26″S – 28°15’49.95″E.

There are about 60Km of trail to ride on. Unfortunately, you have to remain in your car, and may only get out at designated areas. However, there are day or weekend hikes with the accompaniment of a game ranger. This is going to be my next endeavour at Rietvlei. This time the whole family must go together.

Moreletakloof Nature Reserve – 30 Oct 2013


Just a few kilometres from where I live, in the neighbouring suburb of Moreleta Park, there is a little gem of a nature reserve called The Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve. Entrance at this reserve is also free. GPS coordinates are 25°49’0.68″S – 28°17’28.16″E. The entrance is on the corner of Helios St and Palmiet St in Moreleta Park.

There are all kinds of animals here, but nothing dangerous. There is a total of about 7.5Km of trails to hike on and there are a few bird hides.

If you arrive early, within the first hour or so of the day, then you will find most of these animals close to the main entrance.

Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary – 26 Oct 2013


On this day the birds were very mellow, and so I didn’t get many birds in flight. Access to the sanctuary is free and the GPS coordinates are 25°46’11.32″S – 28°13’39.31″E. It is on the corner of Roper St and Boshoff St, in the suburb of Bailey’s Muckleneuk.

It is a very popular spot for bird photographers, and there are guys with lenses that they can hardly pick up. [envy][drool]

There are a couple of guys that I now recognize when I arrive there. I really do not have to travel far to get to this spot, so it fits very well into my budget. I go there fairly often, perhaps once a month. That may change, as I may have discovered some more places for photography, but I will check them out and report back on them.

Warrior Adventure Race 7 – 19 October 2013


The Warrior Obstacle or Adventure Races are really full of adventure. It is not just a simple run around a set course.

No, you will face all kinds of obstacles that you have to brave and overcome.

One thing is for sure, you will be tired and dirty by the end of the race.

And I was privileged to be a photographer at this race. I was also a photographer at the previous Warrior race at the same venue. This was the 7th edition of the race.

It was held on 19 October 2013, close to Hartebeespoortdam on the Redstone Private Country Estate, GPS coordinates, 25°46’37.06″S – 27°51’46.82″E.

Believe Mountain Bike Race – 28 September 2013


Believe Mountain Bike Race, a set on Flickr.

I am trying to blog on this straight from Flickr, since WordPress strips the embedded code provided by Flickr from my posts, when I want to create a blog post manually.

My previous post ended up with no slideshows of the 5 photographic events I wanted to share with you.

This left me frustrated, since I just decided to move over to Flickr due to the space it makes available to photographers, compared to that of PhotoBucket.

I am really annoyed right now! I hope Flickr, or WordPress has a solution for it.