Judging photographs is not easy

At the start of this year I decided to take photography a little more serious than I had up till then. So, I decided to join a photography club. I joined the National Photographic Club of South Africa here in Pretoria.

As a newbie in photography I had to start as a 1 Star photographer. There are 5 star levels for photographers. Once you become a 5 Star photographer, you need to move up the 5 Star ranks of 5 Star Master Bronze to 5 Star Master Platinum. And, of course, this doesn’t happen overnight. To move from 1 star to 2 star a total number of 30 judging points have to be accumulated and at least 7 gold or certificate of merit (COM) awards, where COM = 5, gold = 3, silver = 2 and bronze = 1. This is explained in the table below:




Up until the present, I have submitted photographs at 3 monthly meetings of the club, where accomplished 5 Star photographers from outside the club and occasionally from inside the club are used to officiate at the judging of submitted photographs. I have altogether submitted 9 photographs of which 6 were judged as gold. I need one more gold and 6 points to move up to 2 Star level.

Here are the pics I submitted by month:


goldstar   You make me blush!


goldstar   Eat my baby!


goldstar   FlutterBy



goldstar   Water Sheet


goldstar   Ground Cover



silverstar   Dead tree of life


silverstar Watered dead tree


silverstar Fish on a stick


goldstar   Grounded plane at Swartkops air show


The problem with all this judging is that when I start thinking about submitting pictures for the next meeting, after hearing all the comments about all the different photographs that were submitted before, I become more critical about my work myself, and then I find it difficult to decide which pictures I want to submit! Hopefully that will make me a better photographer!

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